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Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

First Advisor

Cathleen Wiggins


This thesis gives a rationale and overall framework for a four month interdisciplinary study of the New York City subway system for a first grade classroom. The unit will be based around field trips and interviews, where the students will gain hands-on knowledge that will later help them recreate their own "school subway system." Throughout the study, students will investigate all aspects of the subway system, from mapping to mosaics, from fares to fines. The study culminates in a student-led role play where children take on the jobs of subway workers and guide their parents through a system that they will have built themselves, with cardboard box trains and hand drawn maps. Research and interviewing skills are a major focus of the study. Students will learn to form questions and practice using them as they investigate human and literary resources to learn about the subway system. This curriculum will be a vehicle for the core ideas of cooperation, interdependence and adaptation which will help reinforce the rnles and values that form the base of the classroom community.