Teacher educator Linda Levine interviews colleague Pamela Jones on her enduring commitment to quality education for all. Pam shares her thoughts and insight into what it takes to be a successful teacher in high-needs urban schools. Two guiding principles emerge as prerequisites for success: teachers need to be true to themselves and to find teaching assignments in places that resonate with them.

Author Biography

Linda Levine is an educational anthropologist dedicated to advancing equity and social justice through education. A longtime member of the Graduate Faculty, Bank Street College, she has served as Chair of Teacher Education and AssociateDean for Academic Affairs. As co-founder and first director of the Urban Education Semester, as well as instructor and advisor in general education, special education, and museum education programs, Linda has long advocated broader cultural competence and professional preparation for new teachers. A member of the Occasional Papers editorial board, she frequently consults on urban education, museum education, and action research.



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