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School for Children


Designed to be used as a tool and to provide useful information on our daily interactions with both adults and children. The purpose of this guide is to continue educating our community toward maintaining a safe and inclusive community by recognizing what we say does matter. This guide will be used as a support document throughout the College, including with our partners, so we share a common language that respects both individuals and groups.

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Bank Street College of Education


New York


language, social justice and inclusion, school community


Language and Literacy Education | Language Description and Documentation | Social Justice


The first version of this guide was developed in 2018 by the Director of Diversity and Equity at the School for Children alongside the school's Language Values Committee. This current version was also developed alongside the Language Values Committee in collaboration with the Office of Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion at Bank Street College of Education solely for educational purposes and is not an official or mandatory part of the School for Children curriculum. Therefore, Bank Street College does not assume any liability in cases where members of the community do not adopt this work. Although this guide has not been adopted in an official capacity at Bank Street College of Education, the College supports the mission and goal of this work.

Language Values Guide