Date of Award

Spring 4-4-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)



First Advisor

Mollie Welsh Kruger


Kate D’Auria worked on an independent study where she created her own children’s book. The book is called Pizza Bagel Sundays and was illustrated by Yan Gabriella Peropat. Pizza Bagel Sundays is a memoir about her childhood and how she grew up in a single parent household. Though single parenting is one of the focuses of the book, it does have other themes such as family, love and how we spend time together. Research was done to see what other types of children’s literature is out there and see where the book fit in. Look at the literature that was out there and developing the book, the audience was also considered when writing the story. The book’s age range is recommended for six to eight year olds and was read aloud to a second grade class who later gave feedback and made personal connections to the story.