Date of Award

Summer 7-6-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)



First Advisor

Nina Jaffe


The purpose of this thesis is to dissect my lived experiences and transform them into knowledge that can be shared with other educators. This project explores transformative teaching by investigating my teaching experience in South Eastern Thailand through a critical autoethnographic lens as a way to reflect on transformative teaching in a global context. As a candidate in the Dual Language/Bilingual Childhood Special Education program I will be using theoretical frameworks and coursework to guide my critical, decolonial, and global approach to education.

As the world is becoming increasingly interconnected teachers are tasked with looking at the identity, cultural, enthic, linguistic, and diverse needs of the students they teach. This thesis provides insights into how teachers' bias can affect their development of global competence. As citizens in society and educators teachers must combine local and global experiences through a critical reflective approach to inform their teaching. This dynamic diversity of perspectives introduced in my thesis allows educators to begin to examine issues and events from others' perspectives and thus inform their stance on global education.Delving into the interplay of teachers’ identity, culture, and power, I look at how educators can become global citizens. Including the dispositions, knowledge and skills educators will need to develop.


Dual Language/Bilingual Childhood Special Education