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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Dr. Barbara Dubitsky


I am a teacher of mathematics at Millburn Middle School, Millburn, New Jersey. During my nine years at Millburn, I have taught using the Connected Mathematics Program (CMP) for seven years to eighth graders and before that, I taught CMP in it's pilot stage to sixth graders.

This guide is a result of my thinking and learning during my time at Bank Street College. The guide is based on a journey through my learning as a professional developer. It is a tool which, I hope, will be of some use to other CMP leaders. It is hoped that if such a tool proves useful, that leaders will "pass the torch" to future leaders so they too may facilitate professional development opportunities for CMP for other new users.

This guide is in the public domain, and copies may be freely distributed among teachers and teacher leaders using CMP.


Leadership in mathematics education (Program of study)

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