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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

First Advisor

Kathy Iuliano


This curriculum consists of a collection of mathematics activities intended to complement a standard second-grade curriculum. The activities within this collection focus on the topics and concepts addressed by a traditional curriculum; however, they allow the students to approach the subject from a slightly different angle. The problems, projects, and games create situations in which students can create their own understanding of numbers.

By providing ready-to-use, well-organized activities designed to promote constructivist learning, this collection aims to make constructivist mathematics accessible to teachers working within a more traditional curriculum. The inspiration for the activities within this curriculum comes from a variety of sources, including texts by Marilyn Burns, Constance Kamii, TERC, and Everyday Math. However, in order to facilitate the integration of these activities into a traditional curriculum with as little strain as possible, the activities have been modified to appear as self-contained, single-period units. The organization of the activities allows the teacher to choose the activity that will provide the best complement to the traditional skills being taught at the time.


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