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It was my goal to make the most of my Independent Study personally, professionally and academically. I wanted to further my skills as a teacher and supervisor while at the same time express my artistic side and get my name out into my community. I volunteered and became a committee member of a large art organization called Artopia. It comprised of local artists, arts administrators, and community activists who work together to help develop a forum to build institutional connections; linking public and private schools, universities and other organizations to create a stronger art community in the City X Metropolitan area. The organization did this by providing a forum for all local artists to convene, perform and exhibit, in the form of a large scale biennial arts festival held in historic buildings in the City X area. These events were created to help strengthening the visibility, cohesion, and marketplace of City X's arts community.

I believed strongly in the group's mission and philosophy but became extremely frustrated and disillusioned by the organizations poor leadership and lack of focus.

Based on Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal's book, Reframing Organization, Artistry, Choice and Leadership, Third Edition (2003) and my observations and interviews with other members of Artopia, I plan to examine what I feel are some of the reasons for the Organizations problems and what different structures or frames I would purpose if I were leader of this organization to settle conflict and help the members become more effective in reaching their goals.

All names given in the fallowing are pseudonym made up to protect the identity and privacy of the actual participants.


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