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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Robert Quinn


With all of the cutbacks in the health care system children entering hospitals today have very few planned admissions, with an increasing large number of patients entering the hospital through the emergency room. As a result of this there are many children today who are entering the hospital with absolutely no preparation. This lack of preparation leads children to develop their own ideas and notions about just what the hospital experience will be like. These misconceptions or fears regarding illness or treatment may develop into incredible anxieties which often end up making the hospital experience much more difficult and scary than it has to be for children. According to research, preparation, and making the children familiar with the hospital and clearing up any misconceptions they may have will reduce their anxiety and make the hospital experience much easier and less scary for children.

Taking all of this into account l have created a game to help orient preschool children to the hospital experience. lt is my hope that by playing this game children will learn about the hospital in such a way that is on their level and that is also fun and enjoyable for them. The idea is that by being familiar with the different areas they may encounter on the Pediatric floor, children will feel more in control and more comfortable about having to go to the hospital, thereby diminishing their psychological distress.


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