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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Andrea P. Spencer


"Bridges to Change" is a curriculum designed for use in a third grade inclusive classroom. This curriculum serves a dual purpose: (1) to provide teachers and students with activities that are designed to build and forge a sense of classroom community and (2) to provide teachers with built-in modifications and adaptations-thereby making the curriculum accessible to students at all levels. A wide array of sources was used in the creation of this curriculum. Understanding by Design and Universal Design for Learning were instrumental in laying the foundation for this work. Understanding by Design's "backwards design" approach was instrumental in the creation and conception of essential questions and understandings, learning activities, and relevant assessments. Universal Design for Learning's theoretical framework was used as a guide in the adaptations and modifications made throughout the curriculum units. In addition to these sources, literature on experiential learning, community-building activities, and the Weeksville community. At the conclusion of this two-unit curriculum, students will have two experiences designed to help them understand the change process that occurs within communities- the first within their own classroom community and the second within the context of a hands-on, experiential study of the Weeksville community. The intended outcome is for students to emerge with the ability to articulate the changes they witnessed and experienced.


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Childhood special and general education dual certification (Program of study)