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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

First Advisor

Deborah B. Vilas


This independent study focuses on the effect of chronic traumatic stressors on young children and the role of kindergarten teachers in supporting them. The literature review examines the impact of chronic trauma on children, the importance of resilience and protective factors, and the challenges teachers face addressing the needs of these children. A discussion of standards within the public school system and methods to promote social-emotional learning within the standards-driven classroom is also included. The handbook gives a description of chronic traumatic stress and signs of children coping with trauma, suggestions for direct individual support of children, play and the teacher's role in it, how teachers can build a safe classroom, and a list of resources. The intent of this independent study is to provide teachers with the beginning tools necessary to understand children coping with chronic traumatic stress in their classroom, and empower them to implement strategies and create changes necessary to best support these children.


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Early childhood special and general education dual degree (Program of study)