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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Stan Chu


Through studying types of shoes, shoe stores, people who work with shoes and shoe tools, the children come away with a deeper understanding of their community. As the children visit shoe stores surrounding the school, they observe how interdependence, roles and responsibilities are important aspects that help the community subsist. The curriculum encourages children to think about diversity by comparing the similarities and differences in the shoes that people wear in their own cultures and other cultures around the world. Through this integrated social studies curriculum, the children develop their skills in all content areas. Students develop a scientific way of thinking about shoes, they observe and practice math being used in daily life situations and they write and read about concrete experiences they have in the neighborhood. For the culmination of the study, the classroom transforms into a student run shoe store. The children take on the roles and responsibilities of shoe store workers as they work together to design and run their store. This dramatic play experience allows the students to display and celebrate all that they have learned throughout the study. Families, students and faculty are invited to purchase shoes at the store's grand opening.


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Childhood general education (Program of study)