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Deborah Vilas


This Integrative Master's Project, On-the-Go Techniques for Child Life Specialists by Vanessa Galan, reviews literature that explains the stressors patients and their families face during hospitalization. It provides supporting information outlining tools that a child life specialist has available to them at all times. These tools offer support, distraction, and coping strategies when time or resources do not allow for alternate diversions. These tools include complementary techniques such as deep breathing, empathic responses, guided imagery, humor/laughter, I spy, magic glove, one voice, songs, positions of comfort, and Reiki. It reviews how these tools provide support for many hospitalized children, and specifically addresses the developmental needs of school-age children. Lastly, this project offers a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that can be used by any child life specialist who wishes to advocate for the use of these invisible tools.


Child life (Program of study)

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