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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Soyoung Park


This independent study is focused around the development of an original alphabet picture book (Hangul Zoo) that aims to support Native English Speakers with their learning of Korean as a second language. Those who have prior experience and knowledge of the English alphabet will benefit from using this book as a tool for bilingual learning. This book will help bilinguals be able to differentiate the two unique alphabets (English and Korean), while still making cross connections. While most alphabet books are catered towards children of ages birth through 5 and are often used in early childhood settings (daycares and preschools) for toddlers, Hangul Zoo is also meant for children and adults older than that. Through the use of playful imagery and alliteration, Hangul Zoo captures the consonant sounds of the Korean alphabet in a way that native English speakers can understand and recall. This “children’s” book also incorporates memorable illustrations and bright pops of color that appeal to the visual learners. Additionally, the story depicts a character who struggles with bilingualism, making the story relatable and applicable to many. This final project will discuss the value of having bilingualism represented through children’s literature as well as the impacts of representation on creating an inclusive and welcoming classroom environment for students.


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Childhood General Education (Program of study)