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Introduction by Lauren Appel
1. Learning by Do-weyan, by Marian Howard, with Nicole Ferrin
2: Dewey Defines Himself and Education, by David Vining
3. Benjamin Ives Gilman: Arts in People’s Lives, by Katherine Hillman
4. John Cotton Dana: The Social Construction of Museums, by Marissa Corwin
5. Piaget in the Art Museum: Constructing Knowledge Through Active Engagement, by Berry Stein
6. Lev Vygotsky: The Social Aspects of Learning, by Nicole Keller
7. Paulo Freire: Literacy, Democracy, and Context, by Nicole Keller
8. Maxine Greene: Aesthetic Education, by Lauren Appel
9. Howard Gardner and Multiple Intelligence Theory: A Practical Application of Entry Points in Museum Programming, by Bill Elliston
10. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Finding the Flow, by David Bowles
11. George Hein: Metaconstructivist, by Lauren Appel
12. David Carr: A Poetics of Questions, by Tiffany Reedy
13. David Sobel: Please in My Backyard, by Kathryn Eliza Harris
14. Connecting the Dots, by Liat Olenick

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