Date of Award

Summer 7-3-2007

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

First Advisor

Ann Hurwitz


This Independent Study offers one developmentally-appropriate way in which the elementary school teacher can help alleviate the current global warming crisis by leading students to organize a school-wide recycling program carried out in the spirit of service learning. The reader will learn that this recycling work is two-pronged: the physical labor of recycling and the educational outreach to the school community through marketing, using posters, assemblies, videos, and more. A philosophy of education underlying this work is described in detail, as is the journey of the author in discovering this pedagogy that includes tapping into a personal environmental activism for the sake of future generations. Sources include scientific and mass media articles covering global climate change, Internet web pages, and texts covering a variety of subjects from philosophy of education to environmental story books. The ultimate goal of the curriculum described herein is to build authentic environmental awareness in a class of students and their school community through recycling and service-learning and to share this green, kid-energy with others to encourage smart, creative lifelong habits.


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Childhood general education (Program of study)