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Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)

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Stan Chu


The following first grade curriculum study is an investigation of food, shelter and services in the neighborhood surrounding the school. The activities incorporate hands-on research, discussion, and expressive materials to offer opportunities for children to discover the interdependence and relationships that exist in their immediate environment. The three units of food, shelter and community services have specific goals, and they are:

Food -Investigate how markets, stores and restaurants provide food for the neighborhood, where the food comes from and how it gets to Park Slope.

Shelter - Investigate how and where people house themselves in the neighborhood and what are the essential parts of a home.

Services - Investigate how people offer and receive services specifically at the fire department, post office and hospital.

This curriculum study aims to provide children with opportunities for learning how the neighborhood 'works' at fulfilling its basic needs for those who live and work there. The activities allow time for testing their ideas and reflecting on experiences directly related to their everyday life. The time, space and appropriate materials for these activities allow the first graders to make sense of complex interdependent surroundings in order to feel more competent in their neighborhood.


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