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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Mental health consultation to schools has become an important aid to teachers. The mental health con­sultation service described in this paper attempted to enlarge the teacher's awareness of his role in the de­velopment of children's personalities. The nursery school setting used in the study provided opportunities to focus attention on children's behavior patterns and the effect of the teacher's actions and attitudes on children. A consultant and eight teachers met bi-weekly to discuss individual children, parents, groups of children, problems of child behavior, and questions of teachers' attitudes. Excerpts of these meetirigs summarize typical examples of problems encountered. Both teachers and consultant were interviewed about the consultation service.

This paper is organized into the following sec­tions 1) a brief review of some of the types of con­sultation services that have been used in schools: 2) a description of the school under study and history of ' the consultation service: 3) excerpts of staff meetings with the mental health consultant: 4) interviews with the teachers: 5) interviews with the consultant: and 6) summary and conclusions.


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