Thought and Practice: (1987-1991) the Journal of the Graduate School of Bank Street College of Education

Volume 2, Number 1 (1989) Education Case Studies: What For?

From the Guest Editor

This issue of Thought and Practice is devoted to brief case studies of children learning, both formally and informally. The writers are Bank Street alumni, faculty, researchers, cooperating teachers and trustees. They play a variety of roles in diverse settings and at different levels of formal education


Guest Editor
Linda Levine
Gary M. Crow
Associate Editors
Marvin Cohen, Martiza McDonald, Elsbeth Pfeiffer, Syliva Ross, Y. Nona Weekes, Bernice Wilson
Virginia Hoge, Ina Raikkonen, Nancy Thacker
Production Coordinators
Doreen D'Amico, Donna Smith

About Linda Levine

Linda Levine is an educational anthropologist and advisor in Museum Education at Bank Street. Formerly a member of the Special Education faculty at the College, she is particularly interested in helping teachers distinguish cultural differences from disabilities.