Hampel evaluates the large school versus small school debate from a historical perspective. Until the 1970's, the small school was seen as the problem, not the answer. This essay will look at five beliefs, each firmly held for a long time by most educators.

Author Biography

Robert L. Hampelis Interim Director of the School of Education and Professor of Education at the University of Delaware. He received his bachelor's degree (1972) from Yale University in history and his doctoral degree (1980) from Cornell University in American political history. His research focuses on the politics of school reform and the history of high schools. Before joining the Univeristy of Delaware faculty, Hampel was a research associate with A Study of High Schools, and inquiry into American secondary education chaired by Theodore Sizer. For the study, Hampel wrote The Last Little Citadel: American High Schools Since 1940, published in 1986.



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