Penberg's essay highlights that through teaching abroad, he learned to respect the variety of human associations and multiple forms of intelligence. Travel has been an inextricable part of his education. It has enriched his teaching and contributed to his personal development.

Author Biography

David Penberg, Bank Street College of Education faculty member, provides curriculum and staff development for public school teachers, pre-service faculty, administrators, and after-school specialists. He also teaches a course for teachers, “Young Digitizers.” David has produced a CD ROM, “Abecedarian: A Multimedia Education Story,” and is working on another, “The Rebeka and Zora Chronicles: 1980-1990.” His essay, “Acts of Conscience and Acts of Care: Rejecting Normalcy in a Time of Terror,” appeared in the June 2002 Educational Insights. In the fall of 2002, David will assume the position of Director of Studies at the American School Foundation in Mexico City.



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