Stuart-Hunt recounts the difference in play styles of a four-year-old girl before and after losing her mother in the September 11 attack. This is followed by a poem she has written titled "Urn".

Author Biography

Raised in the South of England and the British Virgin Islands, Rella Stuart-Hunt has lived downtown near City Hall for more than thirty years. She taught art at P.S. 234, the school her children attended and where her love of teaching was nurtured, until a year and a half ago. A painter, with a B.A. in art history, an M.A. in art and art Education from Hunter College, and an interest in the Reggio Emilia philosophy of early childhood, she recently accepted a position as an atelierista and assistant director of a pre-school. For six years she has been a member of a writers group, to which she is grateful for support and encouragement.



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