Nelson draws upon her experiences as an elementary school teacher to discuss ways in which sexual orientation can be addressed through curriculum. Aspects of the curriculum implemented in the Bank Street School for Children included "Gay Talks", read alouds, debates, and discussions about civil rights and how they relate to the LGBTQ community.

Author Biography

Stephanie Nelson grew up in western Europe and found her way “home” to New York City after moving around the northeastern United States. She holds a B.A. in communication from the University of Hartford, and worked in the business world before pursuing an M.S. in education from Bank Street College (1996). She has taught nine- and ten-year-olds at the Bank Street School for Children for five years. Stephanie wrote this essay during the 2003-04 school year while on leave on the island of Maui, where she spent her days writing, working with flowers and animals, hiking, surfing, and savoring island life.



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