Introduces a series of essays that explore family, friend, and neighbor child care. This form of child care has often been portrayed as "substandard, unregulated care" without any adequate research to support this claim. In 2005, the National Alliance for Family, Friend and Neighbor Child Care was formed. This series aims to encourage greater recognition of the role that kith and kin caregivers play in the child care continuum - offering a review of recent research, programs, and policy.

Author Biography

Rena Rice, Guest Editor, is the Coordinator of Training at Bank Street’s Institute for a Child Care Continuum, and a member of the Bank Street College of Education Graduate School faculty. Her work for the Institute involves staff development and research in home-based child care. At the Graduate School, she supervises preservice students and teaches a course in family-school partnerships. Prior to joining the Bank Street faculty in 1989, she directed early childhood centers in the public and not-for-profit sectors for 15 years.



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