Jonathan G. Silin introduces the 17th issue of Occasional Papers with the concept of "strangers" - people of all ages who perceive themselves or have been perceived by others as outsiders. The ability to welcome the stranger - or groups of strangers - into the classroom is essential to building a productive, caring community of learners. This philosophy sets the tone for the following essays that illustrate the importance of creating a healthy learning environment for immigrants.

Author Biography

Jonathan G. Silin is a member of the Bank Street College of Education Graduate Faculty. He is the author of My Father's Keeper: The Story of A Gay Son and His Aging Parents (Beacon Press, 2006); Sex, Death, and the Education of Children: Our Passion for Ignorance in the Age of AIDS (Teachers College Press, 1995); and co-editor, with Carol Lippman, of Putting the Children First: The Changing Face of Newark's Public Schools (Teachers College Press, 2003).



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