Describes the transformative nature of negotiated spaces between the school and children’s self-initiated drawings.

Author Biography

Shana Cinquemani is a doctoral candidate in the Division of Art and Visual Culture Education at the University of Arizona, where she teaches undergraduate courses on theories of children’s art and visual culture and on art education. She received her BFA in photography from Bard College and her MA in art and visual culture education, with a focus on community and museum education, from the University of Arizona. She has worked as a museum educator, a preschool teaching assistant, and an elementary and middle school art teacher. Her main interests are child art, early childhood art education, and notions of power, authority, and play in the classroom environment. Her current research is grounded in challenging traditional conceptions of power and authority in the early childhood art classroom and in considering how teachers and children can work together to collaboratively engage in democratic art-making experiences and learning.



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