This issue of the Occasional Paper Series is a Festschrift in honor of Harriet K. Cuffaro, a Bank Street College faculty member from 1968-1998. A Festschrift—a volume reflecting the values, theories, and passions of a senior scholar in a field—seeks to offer scholarship that builds on these contributions. Harriet Cuffaro has touched and shaped more lives of teachers, scholars, and colleagues than we can possibly count. A teacher in her soul, and an esteemed scholar of John Dewey, Harriet has “unfolded and connected” essential Deweyan ideas and made them accessible and meaningful in the lives of teachers. It is our hope that this volume honors the lessons we have all learned from Harriet.

Author Biography

Miriam B. Raider-Roth is an associate professor of educational studies and educational and community-based action research and the director of the Center for Studies in Jewish Education and Culture at the University of Cincinnati. Her research focuses on the relational context of teaching and learning, children’s and teachers’ conceptions of their relationships in school, practitioner action research, and feminist qualitative research methods. She is the author of Trusting What You Know: The High Stakes of Classroom Relationships (2005) and “Bridges to New Knowledge: Culture, Religion and Identity in Teacher Professional Development” (in press). She currently studies how relational learning communities contribute to teachers’ transformative learning in professional development settings.



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