Knecht, Gannon, and Yaffe, former New York Department of Education administrators, describe their work adding a quality review process to the accountability system for city schools. Positing that the quality review is itself a progressive process, they argue that it can help schools to focus more on the lived experiences of their students and less on high stakes moments.

Author Biography

Doug Knecht is Executive Director of the Bank Street Education Center. For over 20 years Doug has worked in education, serving as: a teacher in New Jersey and at Humanities Preparatory Academy in NYC; a program director for a San Francisco non-profit supporting low-income middle schoolers academically and socio-emotionally; and a NYC school support coach and network leader, a central office school quality policy-maker and resource-provider, and a leader of 10 networks of 275 schools.

Nancy Gannon started teaching as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand and has taught gifted and struggling students in Baltimore and New York. In 2004, she was the founding principal of a school focused on leadership and civic service; then Nancy moved into NYC district leadership role, refining the Quality Review and building instructional resources. Now at Student Achievement Partners, she supports districts and states in ensuring that students have high quality instructional materials.

Carolyn Yaffe is currently an educational consultant, working to support district, school, and leadership quality nationally. Prior to her current role, Carolyn spent seventeen years with the New York City Department of Education. Highlights of her time there include serving as the Executive Director for School Quality and as the founding principal for the Academy for Young Writers, a small high school in Brooklyn. She began her career teaching high school English in the Bronx.



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