Paints a portrait of a high school with experiential learning at its core; at City-As-School in New York City, internships take the place of many classroom-based courses.

Author Biography

Rachel Seher is part of the leadership team at City-As-School and is primarily responsible for professional learning, teacher supervision, and the school's academic program. Rachel also teaches courses in research for educational change at Bank Street. She seeks to promote just, humane, and democratic school communities through shared inquiry, collaborative decision making, and a focus on youth and adult development.

Melissa Birnbaum is the internship department coordinator at City-As-School High School. A champion of progressive education, Melissa believes that the richest learning opportunities occur when connections are made with the world surrounding our daily lives. Her greatest joy in teaching comes from exposing students to different career pathways to which they would not have had access in the traditional school system.

Alan Y. Chengis the principal at City-As-School, where he has worked as a math and science teacher, internship coordinator, and assistant principal. He is also a doctoral candidate at Teachers College. His professional and research interests are in designing learning environments that support adult and leadership development. Prior to City-As-School he served as a Legislative Fellow for the U.S. Senate Education subcommittee.



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