Pulls back the “facades of inclusion” to reveal emotional violence and deep-seated discriminatory practices against special education students. Lisa, herself blind, describes how she was approached by an administrator to take over the role of lunch detention supervisor for the “little barred room.” In a short time, the “little barred room” becomes a place of refuge for Lisa and the other students, who share stories of friendship and create an inclusive space that empowers them to challenge a culture of oppression.

Author Biography

Dr. Lisa Johnson, earned her Bachelors of Elementary Education and Masters of Education from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She taught seventh grade English for several years before completing her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction-Culture and Teaching from the University of Minnesota. She works as both an Achievement Specialist with the TRiO Student Support Services program and adjunct instructor in the Social Sciences at Nebraska Methodist College in Omaha, Nebraska.



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