Building a curriculum from online digital media may provide opportunities for students to draw on their funds of knowledge, deconstruct dominant narratives, and engage with complex multimodal artifacts. We focus on an example of how we have used a digital infographic, The World as 100 People, to unpack global and local issues in mathematics classrooms. Using digital media as invitations for critical mathematical inquiry, we call for mathematics educators to push back on (1) the way mathematics should be formally taught in schools, and (2) a common practice of social media restrictions in schools.

Author Biography

Lynette Guzmán

Lynette Guzmán, PhD, works with prospective and practicing K-8 teachers to transform classrooms with equity-oriented and humanizing practices that value young people. Her scholarship centers on mitigating inequities in education for historically marginalized students, with attention to identity and power.

Jeffrey Craig

Jeffrey Craig, PhD, has a background is in mathematics education, specializing in numeracy. His research interests include: transdisciplinary education, education for wicked problems, and numeracy education.



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