In this essay, I share my critical reflections and pedagogical choices (some more successful than others) while using a whole-class chapter book read-aloud to engage my students in conversation about complex topics, including racism and gender, which we might not have discussed otherwise. It is my hope to model one small way I as a White teacher have tried to disrupt Whiteness in my classroom as part of a larger commitment to anti-racist teaching, and help teachers feel more prepared to undertake similar work in their own settings.

Author Biography

Chiara Dilello

Chiara Di Lello is a writer and upper-elementary school teacher. She began her teaching career in museum education, where she specialized in creating accessible programs for students with disabilities. That led her to a special education degree, which deepened her commitment to equitable teaching and anti-bias work. It is Chiara's goal to model positive, antiracist white identity for her students, and to teach them to identify and interrupt systems of injustice. As her students know, she loves coffee, reading, and Star Wars.



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