In “Disabled Lives & Pandemic Lives: Stories of Human Precarity,” Carol Rogers-Shaw narrates several stories that convey the anguish, trauma, loss, and horror experienced by many during the pandemic. Through storytelling, she demonstrates that “the pandemic experiences we shared might provide a foundation to build … parallels between living with a disability and living in a pandemic.” Even so, Rogers-Shaw cautions us not to get distracted by pandemic-related issues or inspirational stories. Instead, she correctly points out that COVID-19 pandemic experiences mirror the unpleasant aspects of daily life for people with disabilities.

Author Biography

Tonette S. Rocco

Tonette S. Rocco is a professor in adult education and human resource development at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. She co-edited the 2020 Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education (Rocco, Smith, Mizzi, Merriweather & Hawley, 2020), and the Handbook of HRD (Chalofsky, Rocco, and Morris 2014). She is Editor-in-Chief of New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. Her research interests include disability disclosure and equity.

Debaro Huyler

Debaro Huyler is a Director of Administration in Academic and Student Affairs at Florida International University. He is also an instructor and doctoral candidate in FIU's College of Arts, Sciences, and Education. His scholarly interests include marginalization, generational studies, qualitative research methods, social entrepreneurship, and crisis management.



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