This story is about my experiences of getting children involved in tree planting activities in a school setting. This tree planting activity was carried out in a primary school. This is a Government Girls Elementary School situated in a village Mohra Mari, Tehsil Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi. This school is a part of the Union Council Kauntrilla in Punjab Province in Pakistan. Tree planting activities in the school were organized by the school staff, students along with their parents who also participated as part of tree plantation campaign. Considering the important role that trees can play in protecting societies and the local communities, the tree planting activities are considered a useful curriculum resource for young children providing them hands on learning experiences in countries like Pakistan.

Author Biography

Nadia Anjum

Nadia Anjum has completed her MSC in Pakistan Studies and an MA in Education from Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad Pakistan. She joined teaching profession 11 years ago, now works as a Primary School Teacher (PST) in Government Girls Elementary School Mohra Mari Markaz Kauntrilla, Tehsil Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi Pakistan. She teaches English, Science, Pakistan and Social Studies to children in her school.



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