In this paper, we share our conversations with an education director of an early childhood education and care center, situated in a low-income immigrant community in New York City. We highlight an expanded definition of quality that she has demonstrated as a leader of the center. In doing so, we offer possible alternative ways of creating quality and equitable ECEC practices with and for immigrant children, families, and teachers, and detail the challenges that come with resisting the status quo.

Author Biography

Seung Eun McDevitt

Seung Eun McDevitt, EdD, is an associate professor of early childhood education in the College of Education at Rowan University. Her research interests focus on diverse teachers, particularly immigrant women of color and their inclusive pedagogy in early childhood education and care contexts.

Louella Sween

Louella Sween, EdD, is an education director at the Inner Force Early Childhood Center. She has over fifteen years of experience in early childhood education contexts and has recently obtained her Doctor of Education degree.



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