Author Robin Hummel makes an emphatic, persuasive plea for teachers to seize the reins of instructional leadership and take responsibility - even in the face of recalcitrant administrators and increasingly prescriptive curricula - for their own professional learning and growth. She makes the case for action research as a particularly potent professional development tool, and shows how it serves to liberate teachers from inertia and dependency.

Author Biography

Robin Hummel has taught fifth grade through high school in public schools for over 25 years and has mentored college students and graduate students in their public school placements. Presently she is an independent consultant to public and private schools and an instructor of action research for mathematics leaders at Bank Street College of Education. She cares deeply about nurturing the intellect of teachers. Her goal as a professional developer is to promote independent, reflective teachers and to support them in collecting data that they can use to make sound judgements about their teaching.



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