Number 40 (2018)
Am I Patriotic? Learning and Teaching the Complexities of Patriotism Here and Now

This issue of the Bank Street Occasional Paper Series seeks to grapple with the complexity of patriotism, particularly in relation to its workings in the lives of teachers and students in schools. Like it or not, schools teach (about) patriotism implicitly if not explicitly. Therefore, much consideration needs to go into what schools should teach about and how they should enact patriotism.

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On Patriotism
William Ayers


Patriotism? No Thanks!
Madhu Suri Prakash

Guest Editor Mark T. Kissling

Mark T. Kissling is an assistant professor of education at Penn State University, where he teaches, collaborates, researches, and writes about ecological citizenship, patriotism, and place-based (teacher) education, among other things..