I’m honored and delighted to welcome Cassie Brownell to a growing community of early childhood play researchers. In one sense, welcoming implies an unequal power relation where an established member of a community introduces an unknown newcomer. This feels a bit disingenuous. Cassie is already a rising star in our field and really needs no introduction! Her work is part of an exciting new trend in literacy research that blends play with social activism and community building.

Author Biography

Karen Wohlwend

Karen Wohlwend is a professor of literacy, culture, and language education at Indiana University, Bloomington. She studies young children’s play as an embodied literacy that produces action texts made with moving bodies in dramatic play centers, video games, digital animation apps, or liveaction filmmaking. Current literacy playshop projects focus on play in early childhood classrooms, makerspaces, and children’s museums. Her books include Literacy Playshop: New Literacies, Popular Media, and Play in the Early Childhood Classroom and Literacies that Move and Matter: Nexus Analysis for Contemporary Childhoods.



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