No matter which culture you belong to, or where on the planet you call home, each of us has an ethical responsibility to our first mother, the Earth. I would like to demonstrate what I have come to understand about relational ethics through Anishinaabe storywork and land-based knowledge systems as they may invite us to think differently about our relations to one another and the non-human world. Indigenous storywork is not merely fictional. Rather these stories exemplify our cultural teachings, understandings, and ways of living so that they may be carried through generations (Archibald, 2008).

Author Biography

Nicole Ineese-Nash

Boozhoo. Songe Wabigwanikwe niindizhinikaaz, mukwa nindodem, Mamawmattawa nindonjiba. Nicole is an Anishinaabe (Oji-Cree) scholar and educator whose work focuses on Indigenous experiences of social systems, understandings of land-knowledge, and community-based research. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Studies with a minor in psychology from Ryerson University before continuing graduate studies in Early Childhood Studies. Currently, Nicole is a doctoral student at OISE in the Social Justice Education program, specializing in Indigenous health. Nicole works as a Research Associate and Contract Lecturer cross-appointed between Early Childhood Studies and Child and Youth Care at Ryerson University. Her work centers on Indigenous youth, families, and communities and seeks to support self-determination and Indigenous resurgence. Nicole is particularly interested in supporting Indigenous youth to connect with their ancestry, land, and cultures. Nicole is also the director and founder of Finding Our Power Together, an Indigenous-led non-profit organization supporting youth in realizing their own goals.



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