Number 46 (2021)
The Pandemic as a Portal: On Transformative Ruptures and Possible Futures for Education

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Re-Storying Ourselves as Early Childhood Teachers Amidst COVID: Toward Needed Transformations
Julie Orelien-Hernandez, Patricia Pion, and Rafaella Soares-Bailey

Guest Editor Mariana Souto-Manning

Mariana Souto-Manning, Ph.D., is the 5th President of Erikson Institute in Chicago. Souto-Manning has served as Professor of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and held academic appointments at the University of Iceland and King’s College London. Committed to the pursuit of justice in early childhood teaching and teacher education, Souto-Manning’s research (re)centers methodologies and pedagogies on the lives, values, and experiences of intersectionally-minoritized people of color. As she problematizes issues of colonization, assimilation, and oppression in schooling and society, Souto-Manning critically examines theoretical and methodological issues and dilemmas of doing research with communities of color, considering questions such as “critical for whom?” and “according to whom?” Souto-Manning (co-)authored ten books, dozens of book chapters, and over 80 peer-reviewed articles. She has received a number of research awards, including the American Educational Research Association Division K Innovations in Research on Diversity in Teacher Education Award. Follow her on Twitter at @SoutoManning.