This article discusses Early Childhood education, it’s settler colonial roots, the harm it has caused for Indigenous children and people and the possibilities for a better Indigenous Early Childhood education pre and post COVID-19. Reclaiming the education of our Indigenous children in Early childhood through the centering of Indigenous languages, cultures, knowledge systems, etc. is paramount to a loving and just pathway forward for Indigenous children. For all of us.

Author Biography

Trisha L. Moquino

Trisha Moquino (a mama, wife, auntie, daughter) is Co-Founder/Education Director/Keres Speaking Elementary Guide at Keres Children’s Learning Center (KCLC) in Cochiti Pueblo, NM. She is from the Tribal Nations of Cochiti Pueblo, Kewa, and Ohkay Ohwingeh Pueblos in New Mexico. Trisha is a certified Montessori Elementary I (6-9 year olds) and Primary (3-6 years old) guide. She received her MA at the University of New Mexico in Elementary and Bilingual Education where she completed her master’s thesis which laid out the vision for what would eventually become the KCLC. Her daughter’s inspired her to act on that vision.

Katie Kitchens

Katie Kitchens is the English Speaking Elementary Speaking Montessori guide at Keres children's Learning Center, and a Ph.D. student in Educational Studies at Chapman University.



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