In this letter to her daughter, the author utilizes a journey map to anticipate some of the decisions and actions she will have to make and take in order to raise her as an antiracist co-conspirator. As a white parent to a white child, the author explores necessary moves towards racial literacy, rethinking obedience, and revisiting concepts of independence. She explores the way in which her parenting must be envisioned differently given this current COVID moment amidst the movement for Black lives.

Author Biography

Abby C. Emerson

Abby Emerson is a doctoral candidate researching antiracist teacher education. In addition to educating teachers, she also facilitates workshops with White parents on antiracist parenting. Her current research explores whiteness, White supremacy, and their manifestations in formal and informal spaces where children are educated. She is the mom to Melody, Felix, and Wallace. Previously, she was an elementary school teacher for 10 years in NYC public schools. During that time she was named the 2018 National Association for Multicultural Education’s Critical Teacher of the Year.



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