As two Black women teacher educators who contend with the neoliberal expectations of the westernized academy and the material realities of preparing teachers for P-12 contexts, we face the pressures of performing productivity while attempting to ameliorate injustices for multiply-marginalized students (e.g., Black students with disabilities facing economic hardships). Working within predominantly white spaces, we were already socially and intellectually isolated prior to the 2020 pandemic. In this collaborative essay, we articulate how COVID-19 exasperated existing educational and social inequities, yet served as a portal to collective sense-making of our heightened intersectional consciousness, sense of duty to community, and enactments of humanizing pedagogy.

Author Biography

Mildred Boveda

Mildred Boveda, EdD, is an associate professor of special education at the Pennsylvania State University. In her scholarship, she uses the terms inter sectional competence and intersectional consciousness to describe teachers’ understanding of diversity and how students, families, and colleagues have multiple sociocultural markers that intersect in nuanced and unique ways. Drawing from Black feminist theory and collaborative teacher educa tion research, she interrogates how differences are framed across education communities to influence education policy and practice.

Keisha M. Allen

Dr. Keisha McIntosh Allen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her research examines culturally informed initiatives and practices that help to recruit and induct Black preservice teachers and retain inservice teachers in the profession. Dr. Allen earned her doctorate degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in urban and multicultural education, and a master’s in teaching and bachelor’s degree from Hampton University.



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