Black boys in American schools are often subjected to crisis narratives that negatively impact teacher-student relationships. However, two Black male early childhood teachers in New York City have reimagined teacher-student relationships which can be used to inform the future education of Black boys post-pandemic. Central to their reframing of teacher-student relationships between Black male teachers and Black boys is a focus on the importance of nurturing social and emotional health. This manuscript highlights how these two Black male teachers foster positive relationships with their young Black boys, empowering Black boys to see themselves as capable learners.

Author Biography

Nicole McGowan Madu

Nicole McGowan Madu is an assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum and Learning at Southern Connecticut State University. As a former kindergarten teacher in Detroit, MI, she is passionate about exploring positive learning experiences of students of color, particularly Black boys. Currently her research focuses on relationships between Black boys and Black male teachers in early childhood education and the experiences of Black boys and Black men in educational spaces.



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