From the perspective of a Latinx, dual-language, special education, public school teacher, I explore and detail what an equitable and just education could look like in our future. I begin by envisioning a future that:

  • Values collaboration in teaching and learning

  • Allows for spaces of ongoing teacher learning where we teachers decide where we want to grow and how we want to learn.

  • Invests in our growth and development as educators.

  • Consists of a solid understanding that there is more expertise across communities than in any one person.

I continue by explaining that in order for this to be a reality, there will be much that we will need to leave behind and little we will take into the future with us. As a sort of call to action, we teachers will have to think critically about what is no longer serving our best interests and that of our students and families.

Author Biography

Karina Malik

Karina Malik was born and raised in Queens, New York where she attended public school for the majority of her educational career. She is currently a dual-language, early childhood, special education teacher in Washington Heights, NYC. This is her 7th year working in a dual-language Integrated Co-Teaching classroom. Karina is also in her third year as a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University, her interests include: disability studies, inclusive education and trauma informed teaching.



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