Number 50 (2023)
Learning with Treescapes in Environmentally Endangered Times

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Traces of Worms
Zoey Ashcroft


Connecting Children and Young People with Trees
Gill Forrester, Jo Maker, Will Price, Hollie Davison, and Heather Gilbert


Painting Our Treescapes: A Visual
Gretel Olson, Ingrid Olson, and Stephanie Schuurman-Olson


Alexandra Délano Alonso and Marco Saavedra


Arboreal Methodologies: Getting Lost to Explore the Potential of the Non-innocence of Nature
Jayne Osgood, Suzanne Axelsson, Tamsin Cavaliero, Máire Hanniffy, and Susan McDonnell

Guest Editors

Samyia Ambreen

Samyia Ambreen is a Research Associate in Education and Social Sciences Research Institute (ESRI) at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research interests include understanding children’s interactions through a participatory research design, with a focus on ethnicity and cultural diversity. She is also interested in hope, children’s spiritualty, and care towards environment.

Kate Pahl

Kate Pahl is Professor of Arts and Literacy at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her work is concerned with literacy and language practices in communities. She is the author, with Jennifer Rowsell, of Living Literacies (MIT Press 2020). She is currently the Principal Investigator of ‘Voices of the Future’, a three year project funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), exploring the relationship between children and young people and Treescapes.