Thought and Practice: (1987-1991) the Journal of the Graduate School of Bank Street College of Education

Volume 3, Number 1 (1991) Anniversary Issue

We are pleased to present this issue of Thought and Practice during the 75th anniversary year of Bank Street College of Education. With the support and encouragement of the Advisory Board, we agreed to focus on advisement at Bank Street for the one, expanded issue of this year.


Front Matter and Forward
Frank Pignatelli and Susanna W. Flaum


Advisement and Collaboration
Maureen A. Hornung, Ariel Katz, and Claire Wurtzel

Editorial and Production

Guest Editor
Frank Pignatelli
Advisory Board
Barbara Dubitsky, Maritza B. Macdonald, Susanna W. Pflaum, Sylvia Ross, Bernice Wilson
Ayesha Khan
Cover Design and Layout
Ruth M. Kolbe